Frequently Asked Questions

Does every patient need to complete the Online Bilibee Request?

Yes, every patient regardless of insurance must either scan the QR code on the Patient Packet or visit to initiate a Bilibee order in our system.

New paperwork will reflect this update.

Which patients must submit the $150 deposit?

Only patients with private insurance must submit the $150 dollar deposit.

At this time, Medicaid patients are exempt from the deposit requirement.

Do you take payments over the phone?

No, we do not take payments over the phone as we are not open 24/7 or on the weekends.

What forms of payments do you accept for the $150 deposit?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

What will the deposit be applied towards?

The deposit will be applied to the patient’s responsibility at the end of the billing process and any unused portion will be refunded.

The deposit may be used if the equipment or its components are damaged, lost, stolen, or otherwise not returnable.

When will the patient’s deposit be refunded?

A refund will be issued once the patient’s insurance processes their claim and notifies Neb Doctors on the amount they plan to cover.

This process can usually take up to 1 week.

The timeliness of their claim will depend on how quickly the parent adds their baby to the insurance plan.

What happens if a patient is unable to afford the $150 deposit?

If the privately insured patient is unable to afford the $150 deposit, unfortunately, they will be unable to take home one of our Bilibee units.

Previously, we have had our Bilibee units lost, stolen, or damaged by patients and had no recourse to repair or retrieve these units.

Each Bilibee unit costs $3000.

What happens if a patient does not have a phone to enter an Online Bilibee Request?

If a patient does not have a phone for Neb Doctors to contact them then unfortunately, they will be unable to have one of the Bilibee units.

We must be able to contact any patient who has possession of our unit.