Our Goal is to Provide a Seamless Transition from Diagnosis to Treatment

Primary attention has been given to asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other childhood related respiratory issues. We offer a unique set of products and supplies that are designed specifically for the pediatric population. Neb Doctors, LLC has one focus as a disease management company – to provide the best in products and services to each pediatric clinic along with the training and education that is so vital to the care of each child. Neb Doctors provides a standard of care unique to the market to drive patient compliance, which is a key element in managing a disease state such as asthma.

How We Operate

We achieve objectives through our physician clinic – based service delivery model. We understand that the process of training the parent or caregiver should begin immediately or shortly after diagnosis and is best conducted in the clinic by a healthcare professional. This nurse or clinician can educate the parent and child of each treatment and the importance of compliance. We, at Neb Doctors, train and educate the trainer. Therefore, we spend 90% of our time inside pediatric clinics where that critical step from diagnosis to treatment begins.

All of our locations are locally owned and operated and as a company we work with well over 2000 pediatric clinics nationally with more than 8,000 new patients each month all receiving our same high “Standard of Care” intended to keep them healthy and out of the hospital.

Our Standards

Our organization has received Accreditation by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) to reflect our commitment to the Standard of Care we consistently deliver location to location.

All of our products have a pediatric focus and are considered by the healthcare professionals as the “Gold Standard” for delivery of aerosolized medications. We have an array of product intended to drive compliance and include a full range of devices to ensure our pediatric population is receiving the maximum benefit from each prescribed treatment.

We also work with the clinic staff to ensure they are providing the proper training technique for each device that is being prescribed. In our experience too often patients or parents of patients have left clinics where technique was not properly explained and the full benefit of the treatment is compromised. The staff appreciates our support as our common goal is the health of the patient.